Scotia Pitfalling
Charlotte Mills
PhD Candidate
Contact details:
Level 5 East
Biological Sciences South (E26)

UNSW, Kensington 2052

Field of research

Restoration ecology, arid ecology, reintroduction biology, trophic cascades

Invasive native scrub cover in arid Australia has increased dramatically over the past century coincident with declines of native mammal species in the critical weight range. Hypotheses to explain the increase in shrub cover and associated land degradation range from increased CO2 emissions to overgrazing but none adequately explains all elements of invasive native scrub encroachment.

Australian arid-zone research has not previously considered the role of declining native mammals in shrub encroachment, but recent experiments in our lab have suggested that these mammals may play an important role in inhibiting growth and spread of invasive native scrub species. My research investigates the role of native mammals in shaping the landscape, particularly in regards to their impact on invasive native scrub species.

Supervisor: Mike Letnic

Co-Supervisors: David Keith, David Roshier