Information for Current Postgraduate Research Students


2016 School of BEES Postgraduate Research Student Handbook

Should you require any advice on Higher Degree Research studies in BEES, assistance with enrolment or help on day to day basis, then your first point of call should be Jonathan Russell:
Tel: +61 2 9385 0637
For matters requiring the attention of the BEES Postgraduate Coordinator contact:
Tel: +61 2 9385 8095

 Click here to view the 2016 UNSW Postgraduate Research Handbook

(The official Graduate Research School Handbook)


November 2016 Postgraduate Research Forum (Seminars and Review Meetings)

Monday 31 October to Friday 04 November

Semester 1 2017 Census Date

Friday 31 March

June 2017 Postgraduate Research Forum (Seminars and Review Meetings) 

Monday 05 June to Friday 09 June

Semester 2 2017 Census Date

Thursday 31 August


BEES Forum is a School of BEES mailing list that students can voluntarily subscribe to. The list is a means for BEES people to chat and communicate with one another in an unmoderated forum. The list can be used to plan group study sessions, social events or communicate personal classifieds and real estate to one another.

To subscribe or unsubscribe from the list visis

Any questions or issues e-mail


UNSW Stats Central has a dedicated statistical consultant, Gordana Popovic, based within the School for one day a week. Gordana will be available to help any BEES student with experimental design, grant proposals and data analysis. To make an appointment with Gordana click here.


Student Research Project Funding


BEES encourages research students to present their research at relevant conferences.

In the first instance all postgraduate research students must first seek and apply for funding from the GRS via the UNSW Postgraduate Research Student Support (PRSS) Scheme for conference travel funds.

In circumstances where PRSS funding does not cover all costs of conference attendance students may apply for up to $800 towards conference attendance.

Conference Funding Application Form

For those of you nearing completion and looking for postdoctoral opportunities visit the Finding Postdoctoral Opportunities page for hints, tips, and a basic guide.