Life On Mars: The 2020 Rover Mission

Special Event
Thursday 17 August, 2017
Sydney Opera House Concert Hall

Is Mars the first step to humanity spreading out into the galaxy? Join a panel of NASA scientists and astrophysicists as they discuss the potential for life on Mars.

Graham Phillips (formerly of ABC’s Catalyst) will lead this panel of leading Australian and International scientists to give you the answers.

•  Australian geologist Dr. Abigail Allwood from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

•  Physicist Professor Paul Davies from Arizona State University

•  NASA Mars 2020 rover mission program scientist Dr. Mitch Schulte

•  Australian UNSW’s Professor Martin Van Kranendonk

Presented by Sydney Opera House and UNSW’s Big Questions Institute.

This initiative is supported by the Australian Government as part of Sydney Science Festival in National Science Week.

For tickets please see the Sydney Opera House website.