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20 February 2018

A radiocarbon 'golden spike' found in a tree on an island in the Southern Ocean marks a new geological epoch during which human activity has been ...

20 February 2018

Speaking on behalf of 70,000 Australian scientists and technologists, Professor Emma Johnston delivers a message of...

7 February 2018

UNSW Science research on marine pollution, ocean weather and cell culture has contributed to UNSW being awarded 43% of the overall funding...

5 February 2018

With today marking six decades of successful international collaboration in Antarctica, the melting of Antarctic ice poses one of the greatest...

5 February 2018

Senior Australian water scientists and economists, including UNSW's Richard Kingsford, have called for urgent...

30 January 2018

The world’s first atlas that maps the most common types of soil bacteria in environments around the world has been compiled by an international...

24 January 2018

OPINION: Today, when our weather forecasters tell us a heatwave is coming, we can be quietly confident of the time it will arrive and the...

16 January 2018

OPINION: With global sea levels expected to...

11 January 2018

The fossilised remains of a giant burrowing bat that lived in New Zealand millions of years ago have been found by a UNSW Sydney-led international...

5 January 2018

The Greater Bilby has not been seen in the wild in NSW for more than a century.