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17 November 2017

For their outstanding research on gene function in the brain, climate change, and the probability of hard-to-predict events, three UNSW scientists...

10 November 2017

UNSW Science is a major contributor to the University securing more than than $32.7 million in Australian Research Council funding - the largest...

9 November 2017

OPINION: In the race to adopt electric vehicles, Australia is ...

26 October 2017

A new geological analysis of the site where a 6000-year old human skull was discovered in Papua New Guinea in 1929 has revealed that the person...

25 October 2017

Darren Curnoe answers the question: Where did the first person come from?

23 October 2017

Reel Life Survey is a 10 year citizen science project that trains volunteer scuba divers to survey marine plants and animals. Madeleine De...

20 October 2017

Marine scientists from UNSW Sydney and the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) have won the NSW Government’s Natural Environment Award for...

19 October 2017

As dawn washes over Bondi Beach, you can see the surfers beyond the break, gently rising and falling on their boards.

18 October 2017

Twelve thousand years ago everybody lived as hunters and gatherers. But by 5,000 years ago most people lived as farmers.

12 October 2017

A review of geological evidence for tsunamis during the past 4500 years in the Mediterranean Sea has revealed that as many as 90 per cent of these...