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5 January 2018

The Greater Bilby has not been seen in the wild in NSW for more than a century.

4 January 2018

OPINION: I’ve lost track of the number of people who have drowned in rip currents on Australian beaches this summer.

19 December 2017

OPINION: Last year there was a horrific drowning toll on our beaches over the Christmas holiday period and unfortunately it seems to be happening...

15 December 2017

Darren Curnoe reports on his recent excavation at the famous Niah Caves in Borneo.

15 December 2017

A Crest-tailed Mulgara, a small carnivorous marsupial known only from fossilised bone fragments and presumed extinct in NSW for more than century...

12 December 2017

The arrival of a single Black-backed Oriole bird in rural Pennsylvania – 5000 kilometres from its usual home in Mexico – was worth an estimated $...

11 December 2017

UNSW's 'Dr Rip', Associate Professor Rob Brander, is appearing in a new documentary airing this summer to help teach...

11 December 2017

A new article by a UNSW Sydney-led team challenges the validity of current methods for forecasting the persistence of slow-growing species for...

8 December 2017

For his research in botany Professor David Keith, Professor of Botany in the UNSW School of Biological, Earth and...

7 December 2017

The fossil remains of a new species of marsupial lion which has been extinct for at least 19 million years have been found by UNSW scientists in...