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5 June 2017

A landmark 30-year-long UNSW study of wetlands in eastern Australia has found that construction of dams and diversion of water from the Murray-...

23 May 2017

OPINION: Charles Darwin believed that humans had evolved in Africa because that’s where our closest ape relatives the chimpanzees and gorillas...

19 May 2017

The first Americans were propelled into space more than half a century ago.

10 May 2017

Fossils discovered by UNSW scientists in 3.48 billion year old hot spring deposits in the Pilbara region of Western Australia have pushed back by...

10 May 2017

A comparison of conditions in the outback on either side of Australia’s dingo fence has revealed that extermination of these apex predators not...

3 May 2017

OPINION: We all know that the human brain is ridiculously large, but how many of us realise that it’s lopsided as well?

2 May 2017

Superstars of STEM is a new program by Science and Technology Australia that aims to smash the stereotypical portrait of people in science,...

1 May 2017

UNSW Science welcomes the leading UNSW marine ecologist and former Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) to the role of Dean of Science, which she...

24 April 2017

OPINION: It’s been the scientific equivalent of a never ending soap opera.

21 April 2017

Degradation and destruction of mudflats in north-east Asia has contributed to a dramatic decline in the number of migratory shorebirds in...