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6 December 2017

Water is scarce in the Lake Eyre Basin in the heart of Australia, and a new book tells the stories of those who love and rely on the Basin's free-...

4 December 2017

OPINION: Ever since the ancient Greeks speculated a continent must exist in the south polar regions to balance those in the ...

29 November 2017

OPINION: Soil health and productivity is declining worldwide at unprecedented rates.

29 November 2017

As part of its inaugural Faculty Showcase Day on Monday 27 November, UNSW Science held a fun attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the...

23 November 2017

UNSW Dean of Science Professor Emma Johnston has taken on the role of President of Science & Technology Australia, the peak body for the...

21 November 2017

Seventeen women have been appointed in STEMM disciplines - science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine - in the latest intake of Scientia...

17 November 2017

For their outstanding research on gene function in the brain, climate change, and the probability of hard-to-predict events, three UNSW scientists...

10 November 2017

UNSW Science is a major contributor to the University securing more than than $32.7 million in Australian Research Council funding - the largest...

9 November 2017

OPINION: In the race to adopt electric vehicles, Australia is ...

26 October 2017

A new geological analysis of the site where a 6000-year old human skull was discovered in Papua New Guinea in 1929 has revealed that the person...