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12 December 2016

Between 1998 and 2005 an estimated 100 million native birds, reptiles and mammals were killed by destruction of native vegetation in the state of...

9 December 2016

Reality TV show Bondi Rescue performs a valuable educational role in teaching people around the world about the...

8 December 2016

UNSW has announced the appointment of Dr John Church, one of the world’s leading experts on sea level rise caused by global warming, to its...

7 December 2016

You should stop skylarking about with those bloody desert mice and try and stop those woody weeds.

5 December 2016

Extermination of dingoes and the consequent loss of small mammals – not just overgrazing by livestock – have led to a rapid spread of woody shrubs...

2 December 2016

With evidence growing that platypus populations are declining and the iconic animal could even be extinct in some locations, a UNSW-led research...

30 November 2016

OPINION: Will 2016 be the year the world finally lost interest in the paleodiet? Believe it or not, it’s already happened!

25 November 2016

OPINION: Light pollution is changing the day-night cycle of some fish, dramatically affecting their feeding behaviour, according to ...

22 November 2016

UNSW has announced the appointment of Professor Emma Johnston as Dean of Science.