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6 March 2017

An interdisciplinary team of  researchers from the disciplines of Climate Change, Mathematics and Statistics, Computing, Engineering and Economics...

3 March 2017

A TV documentary about a UNSW-led project aimed at bringing the Australian Gastric-brooding Frog back to life will air on ABC TV next week.

27 February 2017

OPINION: Were there any women around in the Palaeolithic Era? If popular culture is any guide you’d think not.

16 February 2017

OPINION: The heatwave that engulfed southeastern Australia at the end of last week has seen heat records continue to tumble like Jenga blocks.

14 February 2017

The discovery of extremely high levels of pollution at the bottom of two of the Earth’s deepest oceanic trenches is a disturbing development that...

14 February 2017

OPINION: When the world's scientists emerge from their labs and take to the streets there must be something very important at stake.

8 February 2017

OPINION: The unprecedented impact that humans are having on the planet is well known to us all.

3 February 2017

PhD candidate Gurinder Nagra has been named as one of 22 young Australians to receive a prestigious 2017 Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship from...

3 February 2017

Leading scientists, including Nobel Prize winner Professor Peter Doherty, are calling on the Australian government to urgently fund research into...

2 February 2017

OPINION: Silk is a high-performance protein-based fibre that is naturally produced by invertebrates.