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6 January 2017

Current changes in the ocean around Antarctica are disturbingly close to conditions 14,000 years ago that led to the rapid melting of the...

21 December 2016

OPINION: Have you ever met a really tall man who has a high-pitched voice? Did it seem odd?

21 December 2016

OPINION: Acoustic monitoring of the calls of marine animals, such as whales and seals, could be the key to identifying new species, finding new...

20 December 2016

OPINION: Science is one of the most remarkable inventions of humankind.

16 December 2016

Australian researchers, including from the UNSW-based ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science, have produced a remarkable high...

15 December 2016

The influx of tropical fish due to climate change spells trouble for our kelp forests.

15 December 2016

This excerpt from The Best Australian Science Writing tells the story of how Darren Curnoe's discovery of primitive bones in a Chinese...

15 December 2016

New Dean of Science Emma Johnston is excited by the unprecedented opportunities that lie ahead for the faculty she dubs a “living treasure...

14 December 2016

A range of striking images that capture the beauty of the natural world – including creatures that sting - have taken out the top awards in the...

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13 December 2016

Emily Junk, a School of BEES Advanced Science (Ecology) student recently attended the IODP (International Ocean...