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27 February 2014

Extremely hot temperatures over land have dramatically and unequivocally increased in number and area despite claims that the rise in global...

12 February 2014

Happy Darwin Day! Is that even an appropriate thing to wish somebody?

10 February 2014

Heat stored in the western Pacific Ocean, due to an unprecedented strengthening of the equatorial trade winds, appears to be largely responsible...

6 February 2014

Researchers have identified a new species of mysterious beaked whale based on the study of seven animals stranded on remote tropical islands in...

5 February 2014

The fisherman who washed up on the Marshall Islands last weekend was very lucky to have stranded on a remote beach there.

31 January 2014

New research firms up estimates of interbreeding between the now extinct Neanderthals...

21 January 2014

Two UNSW researchers have been awarded prestigious Australian Academy of Science prizes for their work in statistical ecology and climate change...

16 January 2014

OPINION: Just as Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451 identified a temperature at which...