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5 November 2013

An extinct species of huge, carnivorous platypus about a metre long – the largest platypus ever found – has been discovered in the famous...

4 November 2013

OPINION: The Coalition will introduce its ...

31 October 2013

UNSW researchers Angela Moles and Andrea Morello have won two of the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science – the nation’s most prestigious awards...

31 October 2013

An increase in aridity due to global warming will disturb the balance of nutrients in the soil and reduce productivity of the world’s drylands,...

31 October 2013

OPINION: Many of the theories that underpin our current understanding of ecology were developed in the 1960s and 1970s.

29 October 2013

Sapphires and rubies have fascinated mankind for thousands of years due to their beauty; Dr Ian Graham explains their...

21 October 2013

Associate Professor Alistair Poore has had a new species named after him. Paragrubia apoorei is an amphipod...

18 October 2013

Professor Graciela Metternicht, Director of the Institute of Environmental Studies, has been appointed a member...

18 October 2013

OPINION: A newly discovered 1.8 million-year-old skull from Eastern Europe has been pitched as disproving a decades-old paradigm in human...

15 October 2013

With their beady eyes peering through the murky harbour water, the squid swim in close formation towards the camera – creating an eerie, prize-...