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13 April 2014

Sydney rock oysters could have a role as biomonitors of the health of our waterways, acting as sensitive indicators of harmful levels of...

11 April 2014

Males will mate with anything - well, that is the general view, one that exists because of a simple biological underpinning: females are...

10 April 2014

An ancient fox-sized cousin of the Tasmanian tiger was a fearsome killer that hunted large prey, a study of an extremely well preserved skull from...

8 April 2014

OPINION: How does alcohol consumption affect romantic life? Let me count the ways.

31 March 2014

OPINION: As the effort to find Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 moves inexorably towards the ...

27 March 2014

UNSW is the “rising star” in high-quality research publications, according to the latest Nature Publishing Index (NPI) for the Asia-Pacific region...

27 March 2014

Marine ecologist Emma Johnston’s high-profile work in Sydney Harbour is changing the way young women view science, writes Deborah Smith.

26 March 2014

UNSW Science's Professor Matthew England has been honoured by being elected to the Australian Academy of Science.

25 March 2014

OPINION: One of the 20th century’s most famous scientists, physicist ...

20 March 2014

A UNSW-led team of researchers studying bottlenose dolphins that use sponges as tools has shown that social behaviour can shape the genetic makeup...