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18 June 2018

Scientists have used the latest genetic and anatomical techniques to study the remains of a cow with a short face like a bulldog that fascinated...

15 June 2018

Dean of Science Professor Emma Johnston has been appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) for “...

8 June 2018

UNSW Sydney has maintained its position in the top three Australian institutions for contribution to scientific research in the...

29 May 2018

UNSW scientists are members of a consortium chosen by the NSW Government to restore one of the most important wetlands in the Murray-Darling Basin...

28 May 2018

By hiding in camouflaged tents for months in the dense rainforest, UNSW PhD student and film-maker Dan Hunter has...

8 May 2018

A new pigeon species, the Zealandian Dove, which is related to the extinct dodo, has been identified at the Central Otago fossil site near St...

3 May 2018

The Vice-President recognised the leading work of the UNSW Sydney Climate Change Research Centre during her visit.

16 April 2018

Young women posting alluring photos of themselves online say less about gender discrimination – or those taking the sexy...

13 April 2018

A new Centre of Excellence focusing on extreme weather and climate events and headquartered at UNSW has been launched by the Federal Minister for...

11 April 2018

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