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9 May 2013

UNSW scientists have led the development of a new Red List system for identifying ecosystems at high risk of degradation, similar to the...

7 May 2013

Two UNSW Science academics will take to the stage tonight for a display of learning and laughter as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival.

7 May 2013

Most species of gigantic animals that once roamed Australia had disappeared by the time people arrived, a major review of the available evidence...

6 May 2013

A global, online survey has been launched to see whether surfers are the unsung “guardians” of the beach, rescuing people who might otherwise have...

26 April 2013

OPINION: The Mountain Pygmy-possum (Burramys parvus) is one of five living species of ...

12 April 2013

OPINION: It’s probably a truism to suggest that the study of human evolution gets more that its fair share of media attention and hype.

3 April 2013

A carbon price of between $50 and $100 per tonne of carbon dioxide would make coal-fired and gas-fired power less economical than renewable...

2 April 2013

Australia's summer heatwaves are lasting longer and have been increasing in number over the past 60 years, a UNSW study shows.

2012 Excellence in Biological Science NSW Scientist of the Year Award
16 November 2012

Last night Associate Professor Angela Moles and Associate Professor Emma Johnston were jointly recognised for excellence in Biological Sciences (...